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About Me

Beth is an International, Practicing Astrologer. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a focus on International Business and an Associate Degree in Advertising and an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. She has completed the three levels of Debra Silverman's Applied Astrology Program, taken all current supplemental courses with her/mentors as well as many other varied courses with several other well-respected astrologers - giving her a diverse perspective.  

After moving more than several times for her career at varying advertising agencies, it was time for her to get real about her own purpose of helping others find their way – through astrology – the clearest and most direct path. She has strong intuition and always been extremely interested in health – mind/body/spirit – living a healthy and whole lifestyle.


Natal Chart Reading

Her current focus is first an Individual natal chart reading – this is your soul’s blueprint, where your pros and cons exists, purpose, soul’s promise and destiny.

Relationship Readings

Where each person (2) has their own charts read individually, first, then together to show how the two partners – romantic, platonic, family, business, whatever type of partnership, charts’ work together, where they should focus to perform and thrive together, where the strengths are, the potential blocks/challenges/pitfalls are and how to combine their energy to best function together.

Solar Return Reading

 It’s a birthday reading, what’s coming and possibilities of new and coming year – these make great gifts!

A Transit Reading

If things are feeling great or something seems off – really off , or you’re feeling high and low energy and can’t understand why things feel the way they do – it’s time to look at where planets are traveling and see how they are affecting you. These typically take less time and focus on primarily on planetary movement, alignment and aspects - how to survive and thrive in the current moment.

A Mini Reading

This includes a quick/simple overview reading where we’ll review what stands out most in your chart. 

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Pay It Forward

One goal Beth has is to create and sustain a Pay it Forward model. If your reading has a positive effect on you, then you would buy a reading for another person - this is where the chain starts - then that person buys one for someone they know, then that person buys one for someone they know and so on. How cool would it be to set and break a Pay -it- Forward record with something that has a positive effect on each person that gets a reading and even cooler to spread it globally!! 

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